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Move Play Lift is a personal training service in Perth, Western Australia that provides specialised strength training for office workers who need straight forward health advice that works.Our main aim is to strengthen your physical confidence and personal well-being so you can look good and feel great from all angles.A FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION is provided for everyone so reach out with your preferred icon below to learn how best to achieve your goal.


My name is Grant Currall and I'm a senior personal trainer and corporate health speaker, having run lifestyle seminars and movement workshops for companies including FMG, INPEX, ATI-Mirage and the Dept of Education.I live in Perth, Western Australia with my partner Diane and our daughter, Sofie.My own fitness journey began when my partner suffered a debilitating back injury due to sitting for long hours under high stress at work.Supporting her rehabilitation helped me realise my own 15 years of office work had taken more out of me than all previous sporting and lifestyle rigours combined so I changed career.This experience continues to inform my approach to coaching 'the person' by improving their movement and session enjoyment using techniques created by Ian O'Dwyer, a world leader in his field.To learn more about how I can help YOU think and move better contact me below and receive your FREE consult to get started.Additionally, if you're seeking rehabilitation after sport or lifestyle injuries I have trained with physiotherapists Adam Floyd and Ulrik Larson in the Rehab Essentials and Masterclass programs and will be happy to liase with your personal health professional.


Clients looking for personal help and support can choose from a variety of options that best suit their needs.All options here include: A FREE initial consultation with Movement Assessment & Feedback, a Personalised Movement Program and Eating Guide.

Success stories

"Undertaking training with Grant has changed my life in so many ways."I really had no idea how personal training would satisfy me, but I’m so glad I took this step to improve my overall well-being. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of hearing people say I look so happy; toned; lean; fit; amazing. I just want to be the best version of myself – and I’m able to continually do this training with Grant.My results really do speak for themselves. I knocked off some goals within the first few months (weeks really), but we keep finding news goals to achieve. Training has now become a way of life for me. I’m so pleased to be doing something proactive for my ongoing injury rehabilitation, health and fitness in general, as opposed to continued ad hoc physio visits and greater expense in the long run.I’m constantly sharing training anecdotes with friends and family about my continued enjoyment and successful outcomes. And personal training with Grant is just that – training that is personalised for you. There is no opportunity to be bored or unchallenged with Grant. I have someone who is fun and motivating to train with, but who takes his craft seriously. Grant is now my ‘movement mentor’.Hannah Fletcher
Environmental & Regulatory Approvals Specialist
"I started training with Grant and saw results very quickly."I had been relatively fit and trained 4-5 days a week, however due to an old ankle injury and desk-bound job both of my ankles and shoulders had seized up, leaving me in pain.Once my immediate problems were sorted Grant then started to work on correcting more bad habits and specific mobility and strength issues to improve my ITF Tae Kwon-do practice , with obvious positive results as I achieved my second dan black belt.All this in about 12 months.Tiina Ratamo
Electrical Engineer/Project Manager, KBR
"I've changed so much from the exercise shy person who first joined the gym, my body is so much stronger and more capable of things now than I ever would've dreamed before meeting Grant."After gaining 10kg whilst traveling for over a year it was time for me to join a gym! Sounded easy enough, join and loose weight but I wasn't particularly motivated and didn't really know what I was doing.Two friends of mine were training with Grant and recommended him so I booked a consultation and said my goal was to get "a banging bod!" I started seeing Grant once a week and he motivated me to get in the gym a few times a week. I learnt about an interesting variety of ways to train from him.Also, I've always had back problems so seeing Grant was helpful as he always checks my technique is right so I don't do any more damage. Last year, at yet another physio session that I really couldn't afford, my physio said very sternly that I had to go to the gym and strengthen the muscles in my back. I went back to Grant and relayed the information and he created a programme to help me. I followed it religiously 3/4 times a week and I didn't have to visit the physio once for the next three months!The programme Grant provided was so helpful as I could get to the gym and know exactly what I was doing that day and knew it would be effective. In fact, it was so effective I ended up with an amazing 19% body fat reading even though my back was the original goal I was training for.Cheers Grant your a legend!Celia Rampling
Childcare Worker
"I’ve always struggled to attend a gym regularly as I would rather be exercising outside such as running or cycling."However, having had a number of lower back issues I’ve come to realise the importance of including resistance training and also to focus on building/maintaining core strength.I have been training once per week with Grant for nearly 2 years’ now. He has managed to keep each 45 min session interesting with variety and different challenges whilst continually tracking progress. The program Grant has developed utilises both the body and the mind to engage the correct muscles for a particular movement. Grant has also been able to make adjustments to my program as necessary if I have had any other injuries or niggles along the way.My core strength has improved dramatically and this has provided an excellent foundation for other strength exercises. For example, I can now deadlift well in excess of my own bodyweight, safely and with correct technique.Cameron McPhie
Commercial Manager, INPEX
"I can't say enough about this guy!"When I started out I was making very little progress in terms of strength and endurance. With Grant I have gone from strength to strength. He has taught me to focus on my core and how to maximize my time in the gym.I like that he always seeks out new and better training techniques to get the most out of me. He will always assess and reassess after each session and make the necessary changes to ensure the next session is better than the one before.Unlike other trainers, I love how he is always willing to alter his training program (when appropriate) based on the feedback he gets.In the years that I have been with him, I've been lifting at least twice the weight I was before and feeling much stronger and healthier. I find I have much more energy which was previously lacking.Looking back I have no doubt I would not have achieved the progress that I have without the guidance from Grant.Kevin Tay
"I’ve been attending the gym regularly for 15 years, but inconsistently over the last 2-3 years."My occupation changed from a physically active position to sitting at a desk, and although my weight hadn’t changed, my fitness level declined.My ‘regular’ attendance at the gym was dispersed by frequent episodes of lower back pain. (I was getting frustrated!) Although the pain eased with walking, it still hindered me from achieving my previous fitness level.My goal was to return to a level of fitness similar to that of 12 years ago, when apart from going to the gym I did regular running, bike riding and occasional 3-4 day hikes; and back pain was extremely rare, despite moving immobile patients frequently.In the years I have seen Grant we have focused on exercises to regain my strength and, importantly, to improve my range of movement. He has given me ‘mobility exercises’, including using the foam rollers or a firm ball, that I can do at home or at the gym.Now I can pinpoint small areas of muscle tightness specifically. On multiple occasions I saw Grant with regards to back pain. By the end of the sessions, it had eased and then resolved the following day. Awesome!I am getting great satisfaction with the improvements, not only physically but in my mood as well.Lee Fyfe
Clinical Nurse, Neurosciences
"I'd never been to the gym before in my life till I was in Perth for a holiday."I wanted to look good in my wedding dress so I started to train with Grant 5 to 6 times a week for 30 to 45 minutes each session. I chose to go with Grant as my personal trainer because of his motivation and he knew exactly what i had to do to transform for my goal.After two months I can see the difference, First of all my body feels healthier and stronger, it's boosted up my confidence and my dress fits me perfectly. Now I can't wait to look gorgeous in my wedding dress on the big day.Huge thank you to you Grant.Vera Wati
Small Business Owner
"I really enjoy workouts with Grant."I have a very limited amount of time to get away from work and train but Grant manages to put me through a workout that is always interesting and just the right intensity.Knowing I have to go back to work he thinks up a session that does not leave me completely fatigued but instead with seemingly more energy.The workouts with new and interesting exercises really help me maintain focus and also makes working out a lot more enjoyable and less like a chore.I find working out with Grant to be a great stress reliever as it helps take some of the tension out of my working day.He has helped me alleviate some of my back pain with great mobility and stretching exercises, and he always changes the session if I’m feeling particularly sore or tight in some places. By doing so he helps to relieve that soreness or tension, which on my own I would never have thought of and it would've potentially stopped me from even going to the gym.The most important thing for me about having a trainer like Grant is that I have an appointment and it feels like I should, and want to, attend which actually gets me to the gym, because finding the time and the motivation isn't always easy, yet I never feel too pressured either, its just the right amount.Todd Kempton
Head Chef, Locale Kitchen
"I had been going to the gym for about a year (with very little success) when I started training with Grant."My exercise routine was generally cardio sessions 3 or 4 times per week or very long and boring hours on the treadmill . Training with Grant was a complete turnaround in what I was used to.He introduced me to ViPR, Cables, TRX and Kettlebells. Best of all, he developed exercise routines for me that I could do on my own. He helped me with my diet and nutrition and gave me very practical advise on how (and what) to eat to lose body fat, and he helped me to stop stressing about my weight and focus on my size .Six months after seeing Grant, I had dropped 3 dress sizes and best of all I had lost centimetres around my waist. A year on, I feel healthier, I have kept my weight off, I have muscle definition and I am definitely stronger and have more endurance. The training routine changes every week so it’s never boring and even though they challenge me, I find that each week they are easier to complete.I highly recommend Grant as a personal trainer if you are trying to get fit or trying to lose weight.Niloo Noroozi
Manager, Strategic and Business Management
"I was hesitant to join a gym at first and was attempting to do self workouts, but I just wasn’t seeing any results at all."As soon as I started training with Grant, I began to see results within the first 2 to 3 weeks and wondered why I hadn’t done this sooner. Grant was very helpful with understanding exactly what I wanted to achieve out of our sessions and helped me work to achieve those goals.I was always given a new routine for us to go through every few weeks which always made our training new and interesting. Grant also helped me with nutritional facts and gave me excellent advice on what and how to eat to achieve my goals.Within the first 6 months, I had already lost a huge amount of weight, drastically improved my muscle definition and strength, heightened my cardio levels, and immensely improved my confidence levels. Now, a little over a year later, I feel I have achieved and exceeded my original goals, and have been complimented on the huge amount of improvement by many of my friends and family members.I feel like a completely new and improved person and am very impressed at how quickly and efficiently Grant has helped. I am so grateful for how helpful and inspiring Grant has been during our time together and I would highly recommend him to any and all people looking to get fit and see results as soon as possible.Jadon Williams
Information Management & Technology Officer, Department of the Premier and Cabinet
"Whilst I’ve always endeavored to maintain an active lifestyle, I have often regarded exercise as a chore."I would normally trudge (reluctantly!) to the gym after a long, busy day at work, do the same unimaginative cardio alone and, on occasions, a group class. I tended to avoid attempting anything new or anything too different and usually felt too inhibited to venture into the weights area.I decided to start training with Grant in order to inject some variety into my tired, boring regime. Rather than focusing on weight loss, I wanted to improve my strength, core stability and correct the bad techniques I had fostered over the years of exercising alone.With those goals in mind, Grant has put together a programme for me that is varied, challenging, intelligently designed, ever changing and so enjoyable. The fact that we can always have a laugh and a chat is, of course, a great bonus too!I have replaced the long, boring sessions on the treadmill with a variety of circuits and cardio that incorporates TRX, VIPR, ropes, kettlebells, cable machines and a huge variety of equipment I was too scared to touch previously.Grant has always been very flexible with our sessions – if I arrive with a limp or complaining of back pain he is always able to work around it and often help whatever’s injured.I have particularly enjoyed the inclusion of weights into our sessions and how he has enabled me to correct many years of bad technique (particularly my terrible squatting!) and increase my overall strength considerably. I suggested recently, quite casually, that I would love to be able to dead lift my own body weight and was surprised and delighted to be able to achieve this goal with his guidance within a matter of weeks.Overall I feel stronger, leaner and most importantly, happier. Since starting my training with Grant six months ago my attitude and approach to exercise has completely changed. Gone are the days when I dreaded the gym – now when I’m having a stressful day at work I actually look forward to it because I know I’ll always leave in a better mood!"Jo Davies
Doctor, Psychiatric Registrar
"I was referred to Grant, as I tore my ACL, in a workplace incident in 2011."For 3 years I was unable to exercise properly and daily activities like bending/kneeling, carrying groceries, going for long nature walks were very painful. Before I was referred to Grant, I had tried everything from hands on physio to rehab Pilates with little success and more weight gain too but they offered very little assistance and aggravated my knee.Since working with Grant, we've extensively gone over my history and incorporated things I liked into workouts (I get bored easily and used to previously dance). He has pointed out adjustments which help my knees move and workout properly.He is always happy to answer questions, and to give me a clear vision of where we are at, with my rehab and fitness goals. I have used Grant’s personal training service for over a year now.A side bonus was slowly (and steadily) losing 15kg which I had previously gained from not being able to be active!Elizabeth Trevor
Assistant Research Officer, Dept of Health
"What can I say, Grant is FABULOUS!"I hate exercise but he made it fun & interesting and gave me results.So knowledgeable & adaptable with my back issues (from carrying babies & general wear & tear). He ensured no further damage and helped build strength in those areas. Great rehabilitation, for those that feel limited & unable to work out.Can’t praise Grant enough. Thanks mateDeanna Hutchison
Business Development Underwriter, Ansvar Insurance
"Through training with Grant I have developed much more confidence. I am significantly happier with how I look. I just feel healthier".I hadn't been a regular gym goer, wasn't happy with how I looked and decided I needed some additional motivation above just having a membership.Initially I was only going to the gym when I had personal training. After only a couple of months I started to notice my fitness improving and I started attending the gym on my own accord.Grant focussed on a couple of specific issues for me such as poor posture, limited flexibility, plus knee and foot pain.These have all improved significantly, to the point I can't remember the last time these were an issue.The improvement in my posture alone has led me to 'rediscover' my height when standing next to friends and has eliminated the reminders from my family to stand up straight!Since training with Grant I have lost 10kgs, dropped 3 pant sizes and have started to replace my wardrobe!I am still surprised at some of the exercises that I can now do, especially body weight deadlifts!Dain Kirwan
Manager, Dept of Communities WA


If you’re ready to hire a professional to help you move confidently and enjoy that stronger quality of life you’ve always wanted, give me a call or message with the icons below.I'm here to help and would be happy to answer your questions.Located within Snap Fitness 24/7 CBD, Perth WA 6000


It's Personal Training but at a fraction of the cost!Hybrid Personal Training is a best of both worlds system that is simple, convenient and enjoyable.It provides you with personal accountability check-ins weekly with myself combined with the online delivery of your individualised fitness programs and nutrition.You get all the benefits that come with having an experienced trainers guidance but at a fraction of the cost of regular face-to-face personal training and with no limitations on when you exercise.


It's online training with the massive benefit of chatting with me personally every week via video to measure your progress, adapt programmes, troubleshoot problems, assess technique and get that all important dose of accountability and motivation that really makes a difference from just slogging it out alone and hoping for the best.

What's Included:Free Initial Consultation at Goodife Murray St with Me
Personalised Training Programs in App
Simple Personalised Eating Guide in App
Food Diary in App
Exercise Video Demonstrations in App
Exercise Technique Checking in App
Weekly Video/Phone Coaching Call with Me
Unlimited Text Messaging with Me
What's the Cost?$37.50 p/week - no lock in period


It all starts with a consultation.Consultations are free, last approximately 45 minutes and are held privately, one on one.The purpose is to understand where you are currently, what your goals are and if we will work well together.As this service is bespoke, capacity is limited to 10 ensuring new clients get all the help they need.Consultations take place in-person at the Snap Fitness 24/7 Perth CBD Gym.Click on the link below to email your interest and we can then discuss a time to meet.